Classic Barbecue Recipes

These recipes are where the rubber meets the road. The below collection of recipes are sure to 'wow' any BBQ crowd and whether you're cooking beef, pork, chicken, or fish, we've got your back. Try your favorite Triple Crown BBQ Sauce with your favorite choice of meat and your taste buds will thank you. Our only rule: be sure to share.



We love salmon. Its doesn't have that 'fishy' taste that turns people off fish. It doesn't turn flaky and fall off your fork. And for those new to cooking fish, the fattier fish is more forgiving on the grill than other types meaning you can accidentally cook it longer than recommended and it won't dry out and ruin as quickly.


Squash Burrito Bowl

Squash is so great because of its versatility. Its hardy and, in our opinion, extremely underrated. We love this recipe with our Triple Crown Classic Sauce because the recipe flavors are allowed to stand out. In addition, using vegan cheeses and meats, this recipe easily becomes vegan.

Oven-Baked BBQ Mac & Cheese

Oven-Baked BBQ Mac & Cheese

BBQ Mac Attack

This update on a childhood classic is sure to leave you smiling cheek to cheek. An easy option for dinner, its something the whole family will love. We recommend our smokey Hickory Bourbon Sauce for this recipe.

Tender and juicy...

Tender and juicy...

Slow-cook BBQ Pork

This is the perfect recipe to try with our Hickory Bourbon Sauce and we're confident that even if you've never stepped foot in a kitchen before, you'll still nail this recipe. Juicy delicious pork and a meal that practically makes itself, what more could you ask for?

The possibilities are endless

The possibilities are endless

BBQ Pizzas

We have three recipes that were shared with us from our friend @nicholaskolnik, but the best part about a blank pizza crust is that the adventure is completely in your hands. Try one of ours or play around with your own ingredients. Either way, you cannot go wrong.


Triple Crown BBQ Meatballs

No mystery meat here ... skip the store bought meatballs and enjoy the journey of creating your own. This recipe cooks in less than an hour so you can enjoy them for tonight's dinner. Use your favorite Triple Crown Sauce for your own unique taste.


Natural Garlic scallops

Just because Minnesota is far from the rich coasts doesn't mean you can't find great seafood. We recently picked up some spectacular bay scallops from Whole Foods and made a spaghetti squash noodle dish with Alfredo. Try this recipe using either your grill or a stove pot pan and yes, we even dip these in BBQ sauce.


Chicken over rice

Its fall and since the University of Minnesota is world renowned for their apple breeding program, we figured we’d share a dish where you can make over and over again to try all 30 apples! Experiment with the dish and make with a bed of couscous or rice.

A take on an earlier recipe. This classic adds in a little touch of pineapple sweetness to really make your taste buds say ‘WOW.’ (Queue Owen Wilson)