Smoked Corn on the Cob ft Holy Smokes BBQ

Holy Smokes BBQ is a Kansas City Style BBQ team from South Dakota and our official sponsered team! They travel to various national BBQ events competing for the reputation of best competition team.
2016 - SD State Fair 3rd Place Chili
2017 - SD BBQ Championship 1st Place Lamb
2017 - SD BBQ Championship 2nd Place Brisket
2017 - SD BBQ Championship 3rd Place Turkey

Sloppy Leo

We’ve teamed up with AmyLeo, founder of Vegan Affairs, who is a Minneapolis Vegan Cooking Instructor who loves to promote locally made vegan products. She has been demoing for Triple Crown for the past few years and is happy to have created another simply-delicious, easy-to-make recipe using one of Triple Crown's newest products, the Black Garlic sauce, in all new Black Bean Tempeh recipe.

Bourbon Barbeque Pulled Pork

Bourbon Barbeque Pulled Pork

A lot of people think that pulled pork is something hard to make or that only a seasoned grill master can make it. Not true! Crock pot pulled pork is one of the simplest recipes out there and just requires a little sitting time. That’s it. Skip the store bought option and try this great recipe with our one of a kind Hickory Bourbon Sauce.