Garlic Scallops


We absolutely love scallops. They're delicious and go well with practically any meal. Use them as a dinner 'add-on' or include them in a dish. Recently we made a spaghetti squash with Alfredo and scallops and it was incredible.



Scallops - Either bay or sea will work. Bay scallops are cheaper so if you don't want to make the full commitment to sea scallops, they are a first choice

Garlic -we won't tell you how much because our obsession with garlic may be a little much

Oil - we use olive oil for our stove top cooking

Butter - we use +/- 1/3 stick for dipping/covering a 1/2 pound scallops. Feel free to add more garlic in the melted butter

1/2 Lemon *Optional*


Instructions Stove

1. Turn burner on medium heat and place medium sauce pan on top

2. Add oil so a very thin layer is covering the bottom of the pan

2a. At this time we like to add garlic to let the scallops cook in the oil. If preferred, you can wait until after they are cooked and add the garlic flavor in with the butter

3. Add scallops to the sauce pan. Scallops cook very quickly (5m or less) so be sure the rest of your meal is complete to avoid over cooking

4. After about 2 minutes on the stove, the scallops should be opaque and decently firm. Flip the scallops so the other side can cook for a minute or two. 

5. Remove scallops and drain oil.

6. Squeeze lemon juice over scallops

7. Melt butter and add diced garlic (or garlic powder)

8. Depending on your dish, either use the garlic butter


Instructions Grill

If you choose to grill the scallops, the same recommendations hold. Be sure the grill is hot and be watchful to avoid over cooking scallops. We recommend using sea scallops as they are larger and less prone to falling through the grate or use a grill pan.