Cucumber-Watermelon Sangria

With the heat of summer upon us, an amazing summer drink is a high priority. This Cuc-melon sangria as we like to call it is as close to summer perfection as you're going to find.

Ingredients (Makes about 8 glasses):



Two cups watermelon balls (chunk of watermelon)

One Cucumber (Seedless)

Three limes

Package of mint

One or Two Cups Watermelon Juice

One bottle of wine (We LOVE Wisconsin based Fawn Creek's Semi-Sweet Riesling)

Three Cans of Sprite*

One small pack of blueberries

*Some use carbonated water and 1/4th cup honey or will use simple syrup - use preferred sweetener


  1. Juice two of the limes add juice, slice the cucumber, and ball the watermelon (this is what a fruit-baller looks like in case you don't have one)
  2. Add watermelon balls, cucumber, blueberries, and lime juice to a large pitcher
  3. Scoop one or two cups of watermelon (depending how diluted you like your sangria) and blend until liquid. Add to pitcher
  4. In bowl, pour Sprite and add mint leaves - muddle
  5. Pour Sprite and mint into pitcher
  6. Add one bottle of wine to pitcher
  7. Place pitcher in fridge and cool for one to two hours
  8. Slice last lime into eight pieces and garnish glasses
  9. Enjoy!

To order a bottle of Fawn Creek Wine you can visit their webpage
 or visit their vineyard for a tasting including their specity fruit wines. Located only 10 minutes from the Wisconsin Dells.